The American Avalanche Association promotes and supports professionalism and excellence in avalanche safety, education, and research in the United States.

Photo by David Stubbs

The American Avalanche Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation sustained by membership dues, donations and sponsorship. An Executive Director oversees the general operation and serves under the direction of a Governing Board. The board is made up of elected officers and section representatives. The section representatives are a direct link to American Avalanche Association members working in seven geographic regions. Each section representative reviews professional membership applications from their region, among other duties. An additional Governing Board member serves on behalf of member affiliates.

Executive Director

Jaime Musnicki

AAA Officers

President – John Stimberis
Vice President – Halsted Morris

Secretary – Scott Savage
Treasurer – Mike Ferrari

Committee Chairs

Awards & Memorials – Halsted Morris
Education – Kirk Bachman
Ethics – Aleph Johnston-Bloom and Dave Hendrickson
Membership – Stuart Thompson
Research – Jordy Hendrikx

Search & Rescue – Maura Longden and Nick Armitage
Ski Area – Bill Williamson
Publications – Blase Reardon
Web-IT & Data – Ned Bair

Publications Committee

Editor– Lynne Wolfe
Editor Emeritus – Steve Conger
Editor Emeritus – Sue Ferguson

Editor Emeritus – Blase Reardon
Editor Emeritus – Bruce Tremper

Section Representatives

Alaska– Andy Dietrick
Eastern Section – Chris Joosen
European Section – Krister Kristensen
Intermountain North (MT, North ID) – Erich Peitzsch
Intermountain South (Western WY, South ID, Central ID, UT, AZ, Eastern NV) – Damian Jackson

Northwest (OR, WA) – Patty Morrison
Rockies (Southern WY, CO, NM) – Mike Schneider
Sierra (CA, Western NV) – Gene Urie
Member Affiliate Representative – Jonathan Shefftz
Certified Avalanche Instructors – Jake Hutchinson

AAA Board Meeting Minutes

The AAA Governing Board meets regularly to discuss AAA business, such as membership approval, budget management, and projects, and to provide big picture vision and oversight for the organization. Prior to spring 2016 the Governing Board met in-person twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Starting with the in-person spring meeting in 2016 (May 1, 2016), the AAA Governing Board decided to change its meeting schedule to every two months to be more effective in its role. With the new meeting configuration five meetings per year are via a web-based meeting platform, with one full-day in-person meeting scheduled in conjunction with ISSW or a regional avalanche workshop event each fall.

2017 minutes:  February

2016 minutes:  MayJune, August, September, December

2015 minutes: SpringFall

2014 minutes: SpringFall

Tax Information: 2015, 2014, 2013