Magic Beans: The Elusive Power of Speaking and Listening

Story by Doug Krause

What if there was a mystical skill set that would help us address all the human-factor challenges we face in avalanche country? Such a set would address situational awareness, decision-making, error management, leadership, and a host of other challenges. We might as well make this dreamy skill set applicable to all facets of our lives. Let us make it something that is really easy to practice – maybe even something that we already use without thinking about it too much. This skill set will make us rich and powerful and beautiful and intelligent and rich and powerful and beautiful! Let us name the skill set. Perhaps we can call it…communication. Continue reading

Jerry Nunn: The Lady and the Avalauncher

Story by Morten Lund
Photos courtesy Jerry Nunn collection

Some where in ski land where the snow falls deep and steep there will be an occasion, during a given winter day, when a duo of ski patrollers walks up to an awkward-looking device resembling a 200-gallon propane tank with a 12 foot exhaust pipe sticking into the air from one end. One patroller drops a plastic projectile into the pipe, the other turns a valve, shuts it off, aims the pipe, pulls the lanyard, and—whump!—a blast of compressed gas hurls the projectile into the sky—zing! The projectile rapidly diminishes into the blue. Continue reading