Membership Application

New member application deadlines: For spring Board meeting review — March 1st; For fall Board meeting review — August 15th.

Membership Application Submission Deadlines

Professional Members: March 1st and August 15th
Member Affiliates: Rolling review prior to Board meeting
(for review by Section Rep and Governing Board prior to Spring and Fall meetings)

Directions for Application – New Member

  • Read the application guidelines before you begin.
  • Through the online application process, you will be asked to:
    • provide your contact information (including email, phone, and mailing address),
    • detail your avalanche training and experience that qualifies you for the membership level to which you are applying (including avalanche employment history, avalanche courses taken and/or taught, avalanche research or publications, and professional references), and
    • pay your first year’s membership dues (payment processed through PayPal).
  • You may include a separate resume as part of your application – email any additional application materials to
  • To complete your application you MUST provide sufficient detail of your avalanche training and experience AND pay your first year’s dues.
  • You will receive an email notice from the AAA once your application is complete.
  • After the Fall/Spring AAA Governing Board Meeting you will receive an official response as to whether you have been accepted and ratified by the Board.


Additional Donations Are Welcome

Your donations help further support the work of the AAA! Please visit our Donations page and sign into your member profile to donate.

Direct any questions to Jaime Musnicki, AAA Executive Director: or (307) 699-2049.