American Avalanche Association

Why join the American Avalanche Association?

Because the American Avalanche Association is dedicated to you, the avalanche professionals and member affiliates. Committed to providing you with information on the latest advances in avalanche research, forecasting, control techniques and other topics of concern to the professional such as avalanche incidents, rescue dogs, beacons, guidelines, litigation and education.

::  Your affiliation with the AAA creates opportunity

Members are recognized by employers (who are usually AAA members, themselves) as motivated and well informed. The AAA is dedicated to you, the avalanche professionals and members.

::  Avalanche Industry Contacts

With only a very few exceptions, AAA membership includes every Professional Ski Patrol Director, Snow Safety Director, Avalanche Forecaster and Avalanche Consultant in the U.S. Our membership also includes many U.S. avalanche control workers, ski resort and public-land managers, graduate students and foreign avalanche professionals.

Members are invited to attend annual General Membership and Board Meetings. Professional members receive a printed or electronic Membership Roster.

::  Subscription to The Avalanche Review

Timely and informative articles on avalanche awareness, forecasting techniques, hazards evaluation, control techniques, educational opportunities, news of the AAA, avalanche professionals and the world avalanche industry.

::  Collective awareness, concern, and voice with industry issues

Standards, legislation, and research opportunities affecting avalanche professionals are monitored and influenced. Develop and provide US snow, weather and avalanche guidelines (SWAG).

::  Education and Scholarship

The AAA develops avalanche course guidelines, provides professional development opportunities like avalanche educator seminars and the AAA Avalanche Explosives Workshop. We maintain a list of academies where the study of snow avalanche technology is available.

AAA provides support to the International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW), which is held every 2 years. ISSW provides a venue for showcasing recent research and practical developments in the avalanche world. It is also an excellent networking opportunity.

The AAA has several scholarship programs. E-mail the AAA Executive Director at for details. The AAA has an annual grant program for researchers and practioners. See our research page.