The A3 Pro Employment List is compiled to help employers and professional avalanche workers connect. Positions posted must be closely related to the field of snow and avalanches. To submit an employment listing, email with the following information about the position: employer name, position title, closing date for position, employer contact (name, email/phone), and position description.


Broken River Ski Club

Ski patrol

POSITION:  Ski Patrol

DATE POSTED:  2018-02-21


CONTACT:  Sam Worsp:, Phone +64 21405303

To be suitable for this role you will need excellent problem-solving skills, possess good common sense and decision making skills, enjoy working around people and be calm under pressure. An eye for detail, adherence to safe work practices, a good work ethic and strong skiing ability are essential to excel in this role.

For this position you will have some professional experience.

Medical certifications must include PHEC (EMT). Avalanche safety qualifications, professional membership to an avalanche safety organization (MSC, CAA, AAA), and a current snow blasting certificate an advantage but not essential.

For more information, please visit

To apply, email your application with cover letter and resume to
Highway 73, near Castle Hill Village, Canterbury
Castle Hill, New Zealand


Broken River Ski Club

Snow Safety Officer

POSITION:  Snow Safety Officer

DATE POSTED:  2018-02-07


CONTACT:  Sam Worsp:, Phone +64 21405303

To ensure the safety of Broken River Ski Area’s guests through the mitigation of avalanche hazards and other natural and man-made hazards throughout the ski area, providing strong leadership, an astute awareness of risk management and comprehensive technical knowledge of snow safety practices. The Snow Safety Officer also provides support to other areas within the ski area when required.

Broken River benefits from the input of many Snow Safety Officers gone by, evident in comprehensive terrain analysis, avalanche maps, a field manual, avalanche safety plan and historical avalanche observations. The Snow Safety Officer, whilst taking on the overall responsibility of guests within the ski area, relies on the support of experienced club members with intimate knowledge of the ski area and its snowpack, as well as neighbouring ski area snow safety personnel. For more information, visit


Solitude Mountain Resort

Ski patrol

POSITION:  Ski Patrol (full-time)

DATE POSTED:  2017-11-21


CONTACT:  Marvin Sumner -

Solitude Mountain Resort is currently hiring for full time ski patrol positions.  A current CPR and medical certification (EMT, OEC, or WFR) is required.  You must have the ability to obtain an ATF explosives handlers permit.  Avalanche training and previous ski patrol experience is recommended.  You must be an expert skier and have the ability to hike and ski with a heavy pack in steep terrain.  

For more information, contact Ski Patrol at

Mt. Hood Meadows

Pro patrol

POSITION: Pro Patrol

DATE POSTED: 2017-09-19



Here it is, the chance to join Mt. Hood Meadows Pro Patrol team! But you don't want to join just any patrol department; you want a job that goes beyond stabilizing and transporting injured patients. The Meadows Patrol team prides themselves on being Mt. Hood's most community engaged patrol professionals. We promote and practice environmental stewardship, safety awareness, and take pride in building trust and relationships with our guests and co-workers. If you share these values, this patrol job will be everything you dreamed of: building a community and repertoire for professionalism and positive relationships PLUS all the fun stuff too.

Apply if this sounds great, AND you meet the minimum qualifications listed neatly in the bullet points below:

  • Current Outdoor Emergency Care Certification
  • Current CPR for Healthcare Providers
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Not on the Federal Exclusion List
  • Fulfill the requirements of Patroller I or better