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The American Avalanche Association (A3) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research in the United States. Founded in 1986, the member-based organization connects professionals and the public to vital avalanche resources. Our professional members include snow scientists, educators, search and rescue professionals, avalanche forecasters, mountain guides, athletes, patrollers, snow rangers, technicians and explosive specialists. 

A3 builds partnerships and facilitates programs across the American Avalanche Industry to connect organizations and professionals with vital resources. From vehicle operators to sports enthusiasts, 418 people died in U.S. avalanche accidents in the past 15 years. Education and outreach programs directly improve the likelihood of survival in an avalanche accident. National Avalanche Center estimates the average annual fatality rate to rise from 30 to 200 without such programs. A3 is seeking dedicated financial support to help avalanche professionals and their beneficiaries stay alive in avalanche terrain. 




dedicated to improving avalanche worker safety and education


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Connecting resources with professionals and their beneficiaries.

A3 facilitates three key industry sectors: avalanche education, professional publications and outreach. A3 targets the following U.S. Avalanche Education Markets: Awareness: These campaigns target 22.5M vehicle operators that travel through actively managed avalanche terrain per season and 10M in-bounds skiers and riders who recreate in avalanche terrain. Avalanche education providers offer awareness and introductory courses endorsed by A3. Backcountry: 6M backcountry skiers, riders, 4M snowshoers, and 1.2M snowmobilers recreate outside the safety net provided by resort operations.  These adventurers depend on hazard assessment, rescue and risk management skills learned in avalanche courses that follow A3 guidelines and standards. Professional: America’s 3500 avalanche professionals attend comprehensive pro training programs offered by A3-Certified Pro Providers.

22.5M vehicles travel through actively managed avalanche terrain in America per winter season.  Avalanche-controlled highways connect rural communities and travelers to emergency services, healthcare and other necessities.  America’s import-export transportation system is also dependent on Avalanche Workers to keep roadways clear and safe. Information Technology Warning and Alert Systems provide the public with real-time danger rating information and related travel advisories.  20M people recreate in avalanche terrain per year in the United States. Avalanche professionals work to mitigate and forecast danger for recreationists and adventurers.  Whether in-bounds at Vail Resorts or exploring the wilds of Alaska,  skiers, riders, mountaineers, snowshoers, climbers, and snowmobilers benefit from the service of avalanche professionals. 

From families to adventure hounds, people who travel in avalanche terrain depend on avalanche professionals to successfully forecast, mitigate and reduce risk. Growing demand increases existing pressure on the inherently dangerous industry.  A3 acts on behalf of the pros and their beneficiaries to ensure access to education, safety training and up-to-date resources. 


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